I believe that history and heritage are valuable, and that gentility among people is still the "currency of the realm." I believe in the solid principles that have been passed down from generation to generation; that there is value in a man's word, that there is goodness in the hearts of all men, and that a knowledge of the woods, fields, lakes, rivers, oceans, and the creatures and crops we find there, makes us better stewards of God's amazing earth!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Well, I'm not sure whether anyone other than me will wind up reading my modest offering on this blog site, but if you do, great... if not, then this will be nothing more than a cathartic means by which I will long for (and strive to implement in my own life) the values of a bygone era...  A time when we were more "in tune" with our natural surroundings...when men and women knew what it meant to be not only good neighbors to each other, but also good stewards of the land.  I admire those who, without modern conveniences, knew how to make the best of difficult times and still maintain  a level of civility not seen in our modern era.  It's a time to be looked upon with great admiration and strived for in our increasingly "wired in" society.

In this blog I will seek out the best of what is out there for gentlemen, sportsmen, and those who enjoy working with the land.  I will try my best to get content that will not only prove to be entertaining but will also provide useful information that you (or me, if I'm my only reader)  can apply to modern life.  So with that, I'm off to being scouring the Internet and libraries for such items.   Until next time...

David J. Jeffries, II

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