I believe that history and heritage are valuable, and that gentility among people is still the "currency of the realm." I believe in the solid principles that have been passed down from generation to generation; that there is value in a man's word, that there is goodness in the hearts of all men, and that a knowledge of the woods, fields, lakes, rivers, oceans, and the creatures and crops we find there, makes us better stewards of God's amazing earth!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Across Regional Lines

I love my Southen Heritage, but if there's one area that I love almost as much as my beloved Southeastern United States, it's the Adirondack region of NY.  It has such an amazing sporting heritage.  First explored by European hunters in 1573, the region has had a profound influence on sporting lifestyles throughout the United States.  One of its primary influences (Architecture) was developed by William West Durant...son of Dr. Thomas Clark Durant (one of the original 12 Robber Barons - who's Union Pacific Railroad was the eastern half of the original transcontinental railroad)...Because of Dr. Durant's land grants from the U.S. government (to build the railroad) he had land holdings in the Adirondack region that totaled more land than the entire state of Connecticut.  It was out of these vast holdings that his son W.W. Durant developed the Adirondack, Great Camps (Pine Knot, Uncas, and Sagamore) and subsequently the Adirondack style of architecture that is still influencing rural and sporting structures to this day.  It focuses on the use of native materials - a rugged but comfortable feel, and a sensibility that encompasses both form and function. It truly is a fantastic look into our past, and at the same time, quite possibly a look ahead to our future.

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