I believe that history and heritage are valuable, and that gentility among people is still the "currency of the realm." I believe in the solid principles that have been passed down from generation to generation; that there is value in a man's word, that there is goodness in the hearts of all men, and that a knowledge of the woods, fields, lakes, rivers, oceans, and the creatures and crops we find there, makes us better stewards of God's amazing earth!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Has Arrived

Well, it's official...spring is here.  The evidence? The thin layer of greenish-yellow pine pollen on my dark green car and any number of flying insects that are continually re-enacting Maverick and Goose's "fly by" maneuver as I sit here on my back deck. The temps are in the mid 80s here in beautiful NC and I have no doubt that the azaleas will be in full bloom by no later than early next week.  (and the Good Lord only knows that I've never heard so many songbirds in my life)

Spring is a wonderful time...I cannot help but to be somewhat optimistic during the mid-March - May timeframe. It's a reflection of the winter past and a time to look forward to Turkey hunts, picking strawberries, trips to the beach, almost nightly cookouts, my son catching lighting bugs, Saturday baseball, skeet shooting, and long evenings on the porch or deck with the family.

So with that in mind I leave you to your weekend and your own thoughts of Spring. Hoping that it's as fond a time for you as it is for me!

Until Next Time ...

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