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Thursday, March 8, 2012

My new obsession

Now that I've obtained the shotgun of my dreams there is only one other major item on my original "wish list."  Back in the late 19th century the Wooten desk company made some of the most fantastical and functional desks ever dreamed up.  These desks were an amazing blend of art, furniture and functionality.  Some of these "Wooten Patent Desks" had over 100 cubicles, drawers and letter slots in them for the organization of far flung business affairs.  Then, as if by magic, everything went back together with such precision that the main elements (cabinets) of the desk could be folded up and the desk locked for security.

Now, these desks come in various grades - the lowest grade for an "all original" Wooten patent desk that I've found is around $13,000 USD and for a "superior" grade you can expect to shell out a cool $250,000+. I love a good writing desk and to have/use one that came from the time period I'm enthralled with can only make it all the better.  I look forward to the days when I can toil away in my office at such a fantastic desk.  I'm going to start looking around for the mid-grade desk and hope that I don't get carried away..not that I could get too carried away, anyhow.

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