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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ok...so those who know me understand that I'm a natural-bron skeptic.  If something appears to be true...it must be!  No more to that story...at least until recently.  You see I've been in the market for a new shotgun...something really nice.  I was looking first at all the "B" guns (Beretta, Benelli, and Browning for those not familiar with sporting firearms) and also Caesar Guerini.  So, for those who know, you well understand that I was looking to lay out around $3K for a nice shotgun.  Then, one night as I was rolling my way through the listings on GunBroker.com I com across a REALLY good looking gun with a name I've never heard of...Thomas Ferney & Co.  I mean this gun looked
G   O   O  D!!!  It's price tag was also well within the range of what I'd have paid for any of the aforementioned brands.  Only issue was that I knew nothing about them and couldn't find any reviews on line.  So, with that in mind I contacted the company, thinking that some lower-level functionary would respond to my request for information.  But what I got instead was the president of the company, a Mr. Chris Handy contacting me and reassuring me that his product, while not well known (yet) would  "eat the lunch" of any comparably priced "B" gun in both quality and performance. Now if there's one thing I've come to appreciate in business it's confidence. So, a deal was struck, with the understanding that if the transaction wasn't good for both sides we could part as friends with no harm done.  So, before ever getting the firearm, Chris sent me some of their soft goods to look over...range bags, gun cases, cartridge bags, etc.  I was very impressed...heavy duty leather that was well stitched and not hard like concrete...I mean, really nice stuff!  So, with that experience under my belt I awaited the arrival of the firearm.  Chris told me that although the guns are made in europe (all hand engraving on the receivers) they are finished here, and that his stock guy needed to know how I wanted the stock and fore-end of the gun finished.  I said in a "medium gloss."  

Yesterday the gun arrives.  I call Eagle-1 Supply here in town and they confirm that they have logged the gun in and that I can come pick it up.  When I arrive I say to the gent behind the counter, "I'm here to pick up a transferred shotgun"  he says  "what kind?"  I reply "Thomas Ferney,"  "No, not your name, (he says) the brand name of the gun."  My response..."that is the name of the brand - Thomas Ferney."  I point this out to give you an idea just how new this product is.  Once they opened the case, the entire population of the gun store (7-10 people) began to huddle around the counter where I was putting it together.  The collective sentiment was this is a really fine gun and people began guessing how much it cost.  The gun pros behind the counter were admiring the metal-to-wood fit.  So, I'm feeling better...lots of positive feedback, but there's still one more person I want to hear from.  My father.  A 20 year retired Marine Lt. Colonel who's fired just about everything with a barrel.  This morning, he stops by the house around 0900 for a cup of coffee and the first thing he says is "where's this gun I've been hearing you talk about."  I point to the gun case over near the stairs.  He unzips the case, and immediately exclaims that it's one of the best looking and feeling shotguns he's come across.  Ok...now I'm sold!  Dad and I go over the gun from the butt-plate to the end of the barrels...every function, every finishing feature...there is absolutely nothing wrong it, and the price is unbelievable for the kind of quality we're seeing.  

Long and the short of this story is that from beginning to end the people at Thomas Ferney & Co. have delivered everything they said they would.  And being a photographer I've provided some shots for them to use in their marketing (I am that impressed!).  One of those shots is now the cover photo for this blog (my gun).  If I were them I'd think about raising prices very soon as with their limited production runs I could see them running out of product in short fashion!  Good luck to Chris Handy and all the folks at Thomas Ferney & Co.  you are definitely onto something!

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